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Phone Chek Lifetime Guarantee for Premium Quality LCD/OLED Screens and Digitizers

At Phone Chek, we proudly offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all ‘INCEL PREMIUM QUALITY,’ ‘CERTIFIED PREMIUM QUALITY,’ ‘CERTIFIED OLED QUALITY,’ or ‘OEM/ORIGINAL QUALITY’ LCD/OLED screens and digitizers. This guarantee covers defects from the manufacturer and assures the general functionality of the product.

What’s Covered:

Our Lifetime Guarantee includes defects from the manufacturer and ensures the general functionality of the LCD/OLED screens and digitizers. It’s a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products.

What’s Not Covered:

  • The guarantee does not extend to damages such as cracks, liquid damage, abuse, accidental damage, drops, or general wear and tear. For coverage related to physical damage, please click [here](insert link to physical damage coverage page).

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for our unique and exclusive lifetime guarantee, the screen/display being repaired or recycled must be Direct-From-Factory (e.g., Carrier, Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.) and unopened by another repair shop without liquid damages. Only original, factory screen replacements qualify for our Lifetime Guarantee.

While we stand by the quality of our products, we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the issue post-repair. If you are unsure about your warranty eligibility, simply submit your “post-repair support ticket”  to check.

End-User and Technician Damages:

Any damage inflicted by the end-user or the technician during or after the repair will not be covered under warranty. If parts are damaged during the installation of another part and this damage appears to be unavoidable (typically, the technician will advise you of potential risks), the related part will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for the cost of repair or replacement, and any applicable refunds for the inconvenience of losing a feature (e.g., faceID or touchID).

In the event of avoidable faults arising from the technician’s actions (e.g., an accidental tear in a flex cable, tools damaging the LCD panel, static shorts, etc.), the technician will replace the damaged item(s) on a case-by-case basis, either at cost or free of charge.

Quality Verification:

Our Technician complete pre-diagnostic checklists and capture videos/pictures for each repair to verify functionality both before and after the repair.

All LCD/OLED screens and digitizers returned for warranty claims must be purchased from Phone Chek and/or professionally installed by a Phone Chek technician, and they must bear our distinguishing marks.

At Phone Chek, we are committed to ensuring the quality and longevity of your device. If you have any questions or need assistance with warranty claims, please reach out to our dedicated support team.

Thank you for choosing Phone Chek for your device needs! 📱🔧


Our screen and display warranty protects you against manufacturer defects + we guarantee general overall functionality. What we don’t cover is physical damages, abuse or accidental/liquid damage(s).

Q1. Causes of Phone LCD Problems

Many people wonder, “What’s wrong with my phone screen?” when they encounter display issues. Despite the protective glass on the screen, various factors can lead to phone LCD problems. Here are some common causes:

  1. Dust Infiltration: Delaying the repair of a cracked screen can allow dust to seep in. Dust particles can enter through screen cracks and harm the LCD, resulting in display problems.
  2. Water or Liquid Damage: Accidentally submerging your phone in water or another liquid can cause the liquid to penetrate the device and damage the LCD. This damage is often immediately noticeable when you power on the phone.
  3. Heat Exposure: Exposing your phone to heat, whether it’s dry or wet heat, can lead to display issues or LCD problems.
  4. Impact from a Fall: While the glass and screen protector provide some protection, a severe fall can still damage the phone’s LCD. After a significant impact, you may observe a phone that turns on but displays a blank screen or has lines across it.
  5. Poor Replacement: If you recently had your cracked phone screen replaced and are now experiencing LCD issues, it could be due to subpar replacement. The technician may have used an inferior screen for the replacement, leading to LCD problems.

Q2. Why Is Phone LCD Vital to Cell Phones?

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a critical component in all phones and many other digital devices. It is the part of the screen responsible for displaying images in full color. In smartphones, the LCD is the inner screen that provides all the display features for the phone. While phones typically have an outer glass or touchscreen layer for protection, the LCD is the heart of the display.

Protecting the LCD is crucial because it is more important and expensive to replace than the outer glass. A damaged LCD can lead to screen flickering, unresponsiveness, and other display problems, making it a central component of your phone’s functionality.

Q3. What Is the Difference Between Glass and LCD?

The glass and LCD of your phone may look similar, but they serve different purposes and are distinct components:

  • Glass Screen: The glass screen is the protective layer on top of the LCD. It detects touch input from your fingers and relays it to the phone’s processor.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): The LCD is responsible for displaying images and content on your phone’s screen. It processes the signals from the glass and presents the visual information.

Additionally, the LCD is integrated with the digitizer, allowing the touchscreen function to work. Notably, LCD replacement is more expensive than replacing the glass or touchscreen, and a damaged LCD can affect the overall functionality of your phone.

Q4. What Phone Parts Are Affected by Damaged LCD Screens?

When your phone’s LCD is damaged, it can impact several key components:

  1. Touchscreen or Touchpad: Since the LCD and digitizer are closely connected, a damaged LCD can result in an unresponsive touchscreen, making it difficult to interact with your device.
  2. Display: The LCD is the core element responsible for displaying images on your phone’s screen. Damage to the LCD can lead to partial or complete loss of display, affecting your ability to use the device.


Phone LCD problems should not be taken lightly and should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage. It’s essential to keep your phone away from sources of heat and water. Repairing a cracked phone screen as soon as possible can also help prevent LCD issues.

After replacing your LCD screen, consider using a quality screen protector and a sturdy phone case to protect your phone from falls and impacts. By taking these precautions, you can safeguard your phone’s LCD and ensure its long-term functionality.

Phone Chek Screen Warranty and Terms

When you choose Phone Chek for your screen repair or purchase parts from us, you’re backed by our comprehensive warranty. Here’s what you need to know:

Screen & Display Warranty:

We proudly offer a lifetime warranty on the general functionality, certifications, and manufacturer guarantees of all screens and displays purchased through Phone Chek. This warranty ensures your peace of mind and covers the quality of our products for life.

What’s Not Covered:

  • Physical damage to the merchandise is not covered by our warranty.
  • Damaged parts resulting from the replacement of another part (e.g., a replaced battery causing screen or LCD damage) are not covered.
  • Pre/post-repair liquid damage is not included in our warranty coverage.
  • To be eligible for warranty claims, your device must have our logo sticker and/or Phone Chek identifiers intact.

Technician-Related Damages:

In the rare case that damage is caused by our technicians during the repair process, it will be covered by the technician responsible. Alternatively, we may provide you with a replacement device of equal model if damages occur, subject to approval by our administration team. Such situations are extremely rare.

Data Loss and Non-Tangible Aspects:

We do not provide compensation for data loss or corruption. If you experience data-related issues, please contact [email protected] for further guidance. It’s essential to maintain a current backup of your data before any repair to minimize these risks.


Please be aware that electronics repair, by its nature, carries risks of data loss or corruption. While the risk is generally low for level 1-4 repairs, it significantly increases with level 5/board repairs.

Warranty Void Conditions:

Our warranty becomes null and void if Phone Chek ceases operations in Canada or undergoes insolvency.

Repair by Other Businesses:

If a device repaired by Phone Chek is subsequently serviced by another repair business or a non-Phone Chek Approved Technician, our warranty and support may not apply. We kindly request that you give us the first opportunity to address warranty repair requests or support issues related to devices previously serviced by Phone Chek before seeking service elsewhere.

At Phone Chek, your satisfaction and device’s well-being are our top priorities. If you have questions or need assistance with your warranty, please reach out to our dedicated support team.

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