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With PhoneChek’s Store Now you have a place where you can actually get cash for your old phone – Get cash on the spot.

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If your phone is outdated, trade up. If your phone is too complicated, trade down. With PhoneChek’s trade program, the choices are yours.

Charging Port Repair

Is your smartphone or tablet having trouble charging? Don’t let a faulty charging port slow you down.

Samsung Battery Replacement

Do you have a phone that is not charging? Slow charging?, We are here to help you turn those old devices into like new condition!
Common Charging Port Issues We Resolve:
*Loose or wobbly charging port
*Bent or damaged pins
*Difficulty plugging in the charger
*Slow or intermittent charging
*No response when connected to the charger

Our expert charging port repair service is here to ensure your device powers up reliably and efficiently, so you can stay connected without interruption.
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Get paid fast when you trade in your cell phone or device!

We will pay you within 3 business days of receiving your cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, or fitness tracker. Customize your shipping and payment methods to estimate your payment date with our FastPay Forecaster.

30 Day Price Lock

Lock the price of your phone or device for 30 days!

Cell phone and other device values naturally depreciate over time (especially around the release of fancy new Samsung’s or iPhones). Our solution is a PhoneChek 30 Day Price Lock. This ensures you’ll earn the quoted value of your device as long as we receive it within 30 days.

No Risk

Selling your cell phone or device to PhoneChek is risk-free.

Like in any other good relationship, we feel that honesty is the best policy. If for any reason we do not see eye-to-eye on the value of any item you send to us, request it back at no cost to you.